Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Martin Spitznagel - A Handful of Keys

I had the pleasure of meeting Martin a few years back and we became fast friends, thanks in no small part to our mutual love of Star Wars. Martin is a true Renaissance man, master of many crafts, and is a well recognized rag-time piano player. If you have never heard him play, you need to check him out covering popular video game music and movie scores with an amazing rag-time flair.

Some samples:

Rag-Time Star Wars Cantina Band with fellow rag-timer Bryan Wright

His first CD Tricky Fingers and a high quality version of his Cantina Band rendition can be found at sites like Amazon.com, iTunes, and other venues!

His new release, A Handful of Keys, have even more pop-culture inspired tracks and is available on his site, with more places to purchase to come.

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