Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aurra Sing - Stolen Armor

 Aurra Sing has been a favorite of mine since she first appeared for a half second in The Phantom Menace. I was very disappointed she got demoted to EU status instead of playing a larger part on the big screen, and hadn't really kept up with what it had established about her.

Her appearance in the Clone Wars animated series is one of the things I like best about the show, and I was impressed that her character design translated so well to the stylistic look of the CG-toon.

Even better, her toon-based figure wasn't so stylized that it couldn't fit in with the more "realistic" styled parts. I knew I wanted to tackle a new look for Aurra, but it wasn't until recently that I started to have a solid idea.

In The Clone Wars, she's shown as a sometimes mentor, sometimes accomplice to young Boba Fett, and I liked the idea of of using that partnership as an excuse to see Aurra suited up like a fellow Mandalorian...

Her antenna is actually removable, and her pony tail is magnetized so both can be worn outside her helmet, as if there were openings in the armor for them.

Parts Recipe:
Aurra Sing - Head, Arms, Hands, Thighs, Hair, and Guns
Rav Bralor - Torso, Gauntlets, Belt, Waist, Boots
Concept Boba Fett - Helmet
Boba Fett - Range Finder

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  1. Great idea to use a magnet. A really awesome custom action figure!!