Monday, August 1, 2011

Mr. Glass - Villain from "Unbreakable"

Can't believe I missed uploading this, it's one of my favorite customs!

Mr. Glass from Unbreakable, which is probably still my favorite super-hero movie. Rumors were that it was the start of a trilogy when it came out, and as much as I love the characters I think it's probably for the best we never got those sequels. I just can't see them living up to the power of the original.

Parts Recipe:
Mace Windu - Head with sculpted hair
ROC Destro - Arms
ROC The Doctor - Coat
ROC Cobra Commander - Legs
ROC MARs Trooper - Torso
Star Wars Lightsaber - Glass cane


  1. Now that we know who you are, I know who I am.

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  3. I can't believe you made this figure
    It looks like a figure bought from a store.