Sunday, August 14, 2011

Star Wars Self Portrait - "Dandalorian"

 "Portrait Figures," customs based on friends and family as they might appear in tiny plastic form, are a favorite of mine. It's always fun to find a head sculpt that reminds you of someone you know, or even yourself. As soon as I saw this one I thought it'd be perfect for a Star Wars based self portrait!

I wasn't sure what my Star Wars persona should look like... a Jedi, or perhaps a smuggler? Having made a few Mandalorian figures lately, I decided to tack a crack at making a "Dandalorian."

Of course, that and my desert themed "Sandalorian" have me thinking about all sorts of horrible pun based Mandos... a foppish Dandylorian or Solo and Calrissian disguised as a Handalorian and Landolorian. Maybe I should just stop now and list the parts? Fair enough.

Parts Recipe:
Dengar - Base Figure
Jango Fett - Additional armor, feet, and jetpack
Pre Visla - Helmet
Grand Moff Trachta - Hands
Borsk Fey'Lya - Lower legs
Boba Fett - Neck wrap
Pirates of the Caribbean (OST) Gibbs - Head


  1. Thanks! It's good to be making some figures again!

    Edited the parts recipe, realized I forgot a few!

  2. Really sharp looking figure here man!! Love the combo of parts and the way they flow together on this.