Sunday, August 14, 2011

Volussk - Gand Salvager

 This is another figure inspired by Mass Effect, this time by the rotund Volus species. I immediately thought of them when I saw the base figure, and spent a while trying to figure out how to go about translating the idea into the Star Wars universe.

I turned to my friends over at the forums at and got some really good suggestions for what Star Wars aliens might match the look I was going for. But when forum member Tonphanan suggested the Gand, I knew he was on to something.

Since the original base figure lacked any real articulation other than the neck and arms, I used some magnets to make the head and hands interchangeable. This way, he gets a little more range of motion in the wrists and we get to sneak a peek at who's under that mask.

I imagine Volussk to be a Gand in his twilight years, spending his days alone in space doing salvage operations on derelict and abandon space craft.

Parts Recipe:
Planet 51 Chuck - Base Figure
Hulkbuster Iron Man - Helmet
Chap Mei Green Alien - Head
Captain Typho's Helmet - Helmet apparatus
Nrin Vakil - Alternate hands
Airtight - Backpack


  1. Wonderful custom, Dan. I love the backstory and the combinations of parts is terrific and very original. Great work again, my friend!

  2. Thanks man! Good to see you've got some projects going too!

  3. Very creative!! To me, this figure has a very Old Republic feel to it. As always, the clarity of your pictures is fantastic as well!!