Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cover Girl - Armored Vehicle Expert

The era between the original ARAH style GI Joes and the current style figures was pretty unimpressive to me. Hasbro was trying to decide where to go with the style of the figures, and while there were plenty of missteps, there's occasional figure that was a precursor of what Hasbro could do when they put their mind to it. Cover Girl's updated look got a lot right, and other than updating her articulation there's wasn't much I thought needed to be improved upon. A similar take will be available through the fan club's subscription service, but I've decided make my own. While I'm glad I tried to adapt her torso to fit on the new hinged lower body/waist, ultimately I think it would have been fine to keep the o-ring waist here. It was a learning experience, and while I like to keep my Joe figures as close to the standard format as possible, I don't think makes that big of a difference with the way her untucked shirt works.

Parts Recipe:
Agent Courtney Krieger - Head, Torso, Arms, Boots
Cournet "Cover Girl" Krieger - Legs, Boots

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