Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mercenary - Bravo

Just another simple head swap to make a background filler mercenary.

Parts Recipe:
PoC Dusty - Base Figure
PoC Zartan - Vest
Terminator Barnes - Head

Mercenary - Alpha

The Captain America Crossbones figure fits in great with the 'Joe line, but I had no need of the character. Made for a good excuse to update a unique RAH style head to with a ball socket and a new paint job.

Parts Recipe:
Zangief - Head
Crossbones - Base figure

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Shadow Tracker - COBRA Jungle Tracker

Just some minor tweaks here and there to make this guy a little less neon. COBRA doesn't often get new individual characters, so I'm always happy to induct interesting new personalities into my collection. I swapped his gear with Spirit's darker colored arrows, removed a layer of his dreadlocks, and opted to remove that mask to find out what was beneath. While the initial effect of the death's head obscured by the translucent yellow mask was neat, I loved how grim the skull face looked.

Maybe he actually looks like this, the result of a serious explosion of some sort, or perhaps it's more like the Scarecrow from Batman and he uses toxins to confuse and slow his prey, often causing them to hallucinate.

Parts Recipe:
Shadow Tracker - Modified and Repainted

Lord Mirdalan - Walon Vau's strill

Just a simple addition to my Walon Vau custom, I had to make his hunting strill, Lord Mirdalan from the Republic Commando novels. I always envisioned Mird as a cross between a dragon and hairless cat, which might not be entirely accurate but there was never a whole lot of detailed description offered and I'm fairly certain there hasn't been any official visual depiction of the creature.

Parts Recipe:
Avatar Viper Wolf Repaint - Entire Figure