Monday, September 16, 2013

The Happy Couple - Action Figure Cake Toppers

 Recently I had the opportunity to make a set of cake toppers for the wedding of two of my favorite people. It was a challenge to match their likenesses and some the elements of their wedding attire, but I was mostly pleased with the results and the seemed to be a big hit at the wedding.

The eyes on the groom are still a little wonky after a couple dozen attempts, but look fine from an average viewing distance. I was also disappointed I couldn't make the bride's wedding shoes (blue converse) work with the figure design. In the end though, I think they came out well and everyone seemed to be thrilled with them and how close they resembled the couple.

Parts Recipes:
The Groom
General Zod - Head
Renegades Scarlett - Ponytail
James McCullen - Suit

The Bride
Jes Gistang - Head
POTC Angelica - Torso
Padme Amidala - Lower Skirt, Arms
Mon Mothma - Legs