Monday, March 31, 2014

COBRA Mortal - Snake Eyes Clone

I started this figure a few years ago when I was tackling some of the foreign release figures from GI Joe, like Sokerk, TNT, and Glenda. Since then, a lot of these figures have seen official releases from the GI Joe Collector's Club, but I'm happy sticking with my interpretations.

COBRA Mortal was a strange design, a recolored and chromed version of Snake Eyes's first figure. I wasn't interested in trying to match the original parts, so I went for a more loose interpretation. I'd use silver, red, and black to try and come up with an "evil Snake Eyes" character. I've decided that the MORTAL project was an attempt by Mindbender to clone Snake Eyes, and true to cartoon science logic, his facial wounds were replicated in the clone as well.

I decided to pull him out of my WIP (works in progress) bin, detail him a bit and match all the silver. What really finished him though was purchasing a set of COBRA emblem decals from

Parts Recipe:
Mercenary Wraith - Head and Facemask
Cobra Eel - Base Figure
Anthony "Flash" Gambello - Hands
Dark Ninja - Swords

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