Friday, March 14, 2014

DOOM Marine

This is another long term project I've finally gotten around to finishing. I scrapped everything but the arms, head, and helmet and put this together in one night. I tried to pull together his design based on the inconsistent game sprites, title screen, and miscellaneous art and come up with a cohesive and recognizable look for him. The real fun began when I decided I had to make a BFG9000 to go along with him, and again I allowed myself some artistic interpretation but tried to keep the weapon recognizable, if not absurdly large. It's nice to crank out a fun figure like this after a series of challenging projects.

Parts Recipe:
Chuckles - Head
Dr. Mindbender - Upper Arms
Shipwreck - Lower Arms
Duke - Torso
Roadblock - Upper Legs, BFG9000
Recondo - Lower Legs
Mercenary Wraith - Armor
Cobra Eel - Helmet
Storm Shadow Disc Launcher x2 - BFG9000

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