Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lord Dread - Evil Mastermind of the Bio Dread Empire

Another more obscure 80/90's toy villain, Lord Dread hails from Captain Power and the Soldier of the Future. It was a live action show that some of the toys could actually interact with, kind of like Duck Hunt and the Light Zapper from the NES. I only owned a few of the figures, and never saw much of the series, but he's a great figure design and I felt like a suitable addition to my Axis of Evil 80's Villains.

Parts Recipe
Iron Grenadier - Body, Upper Arms, Lower Legs
Dr. Mindbender - Modified Head
COBRA B.A.T. - Cyber Arm Elbow
Destro - Cyber Arm Hand
War Machine - Cyber Arm Gauntlet
COBRA Trooper - Lower Arm
Zartan - Upper Leg
Conrad "Duke" Hauser - Upper Leg
Luke Skywalker (Imperial Guard Disguise) - Cape

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