Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ash "Striker" Villalobos - InGen Project Containment Unit

By the turn of the millenium, it was clear that all quarantine and containment measures had failed on both Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna as InGen pursued sightings and incident reports up and down the west coast of Central America. When, almost unbelievable, reports started spreading to Polynesia and the Caribbean, InGen began to assemble a dedicated team of contractors to investigate and contain any further incidents.

Ashley Villalobos dropped out of veterinary school in Costa Rica to pursue a more active role in aiding animals in need of help. Various activist organizations relied on Villalobos as a field medic for severely injured and neglected wildlife. Adapt at medicine and extremely compassionate, Villalobos refuses to see any living creature suffer. He's accustomed to making quick and often heartbreaking decisions when assessing an animal's condition, and will not shy away from giving his patient a quick death if recovery is not an option. Those who do not know him can find this behavior detached or callous, and his beheadings have earned him the nickname "The Striker". His talents earned him InGen's recruitment to help monitor, reclaim, and rehabilitate their wayward products when possible.

After I obtained the prototype Jurassic park GI Joe figure, and a few Gunner Gordon figures, I knew I wanted to round out the team. Ash has added paint detail and scarf accessory to better match his packaging.

Parts Recipe:
Ash "Skullstriker" - Base Figure
Ewok Headwrap - Scarf

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