Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bio-Vipers Alpha - Genetically Engineered Soldiers

CORPSE (Cobra Occult Research and Paranormal Supremacy Endeavor) has begun manipulating a strange biological substance into a bipedal form. These "Bio-Vipers" are extremely undeveloped and are only able to maintain a consistency of form somewhere between ballistics gel and day-old Jell-O, and are about half as smart. But they hold the promise of a renewable source of laborers and soldiers for COBRA if the programmable bio-matter process can be perfected.

Initially, I wanted to build some storage tanks large enough for Omega Bio-Vipers, but thought it might be fun to have proto-forms for display purposes. The limited articulation of the Green Lantern figures isn't quite as annoying for what is essentially more of a background prop than a true figure. Still have to make those growing vats, though!

Parts Recipe:
Green Lantern Hannu - Base Figure

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