Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bio-Vipers Omega - Genetically Engineered Soldiers

In this final form, Bio-Vipers are able to manipulate their Bio-Matter composition into a armor like density and even utilize an advanced form of bio-luminescence which allows them to fire blasts of concentrated energy via chemical reaction.

These amazing advancements demonstrate the versatility of the Bio-Matter genetic compound. CORPSE is eager to begin human trials of a variation of the material designated Compound Z.

Based on the Renegades cartoon. The A-Bomb base was a great start, and initially I planned to just change the head (which ended up just being cut down, turned around, and sanded to remove detail), but noticed the Hulkbuster arms and legs were actually a good match for the animated model in its advanced form. Rather than drilling out the sockets to make the pegs from the new arms and legs fit, I should have cut out the peg piece and replace it with the original blue ones for less paint wear, but I'm otherwise very pleased with the result.

Parts Recipe:
A-Bomb - Base Figure
Hulkbuster Iron Man - Arms and Legs
Specialist Trakker - Chest Armor
Grizzly Gundam - Shoulder Armor

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