Thursday, November 13, 2014

The King In Yellow - Bearer of the Pallid Mask

I was recently on a classic horror and mythos reading kick while also getting into True Detective. I started reading some of the short stories of Ambrose Bierce and Robert W. Chambers and fell in love with the sparse references to The King in Yellow and Carcosa. I was concurrently working on a set of figures from an interesting old episode of from the original GI Joe cartoon, and decided to take a stab at designing a figure based on TYK. I'm a fan of more obscure physical representations of the esoteric (the floating shape over the labyrinth of Hell in Hellraiser 2 being a personal favorite) but I decided, based on the few excerpts from the PLAY "The King in Yellow" that perhaps this entity had a humanoid form it would take on in dealing with people. Initially, I had the bone necklace on upside as a sort of crown, but when I inverted it over the eyes it had a wonderfully creepy "veiled" look that reminded me of the art of Gerald Brom or "Pyramid Head" from Silent Hill.

Parts Recipe:
Emperor Palpatine - Head, Hands
Mas Amedda - Arms (shoulders and forearms swapped)
Po Nudo - Base Figure
Teebo - The Pallid Mask (bone necklace)
Prince of Persia Dastan - Collar

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