Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sergeant Zeddemore - Die Geisterjäger Reluctant Ally

"Die Geisterjäger" are my take on alt-history, WW2 Ghostbusters. I focused on trying to capture the general likeness of the character, rather than the specific actor that portrayed them in the movies.

From the Ark of the Covenant and the Right Hand of Doom, to the Spear of Destiny and the Keep at Dinu Mountain Pass, it seems that the Nazis' quest for Supernatural power manages to always go wrong. SOMEONE has to clean up the mess, and that's where "Die Geisterjäger" come in. With the help of an unlikely ally in a British soldier trapped behind enemy lines, the team desperately tries to save the earth from enemies unknown and unknowable... even as the world is tearing itself apart.

Sergeant Zeddemore is the sole survivor of the Allied Forces' equivalent of die Geisterjäger. His team was wiped out attempting to prevent the summoning of other worldly beings by the Nazi Paranormal Division. Succeeding at the cost of the lives of every other team member, Sergeant Zeddemore found himself trapped behind enemy lines in very hostile territory. When die Geisterjäger arrived to contain the aftermath of the incident, a begrudging alliance  was formed. Of all the team, Sergeant Zeddemore is no doubt the least happy with the arrangement, but he recognizes someone has to take on the Apocalypse while the rest of the world is locked in war against itself.

Parts Recipe:
Rebel Vanguard Trooper - Head
Storm Shadow - Torso
Assassin's Creed Doctor - Arms
Concept Han Solo - Gloves
Bail Organa - Lower Coat
Storm Shadow - Legs
Dusty - Boots
Brick Arms - Brodie Helmet

AT-ST Driver - Neutrino-Wand
Laser-Viper - Particle Accelerator

Unknown Flamethrower - Base Tanks, Hose
Hydro-Viper - Secondary Tanks
Clone Trooper - Side Guide Handles, Nozzle
Jes Gistang - Main Thrower Body

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