Saturday, November 21, 2015

HLK (Heavy Utility/Loader Kind) - STAR WARS Avengers

"In an attempt to research alternative combat resources to the Clone Army, a Republic scientist pursued an experiment to create superior military droids to those relied on by the Separatists. His research involved a variation of “reverse flash training,” essentially using sentients’ brain-scans to imprint advance logic and reasoning onto artificial droid minds.

He, and all of his research into the field, were seemingly destroyed when he initiated a self-destruct measure when Separatist forces attempted to steal his project. In the ensuing chaos, he was able to imprint part of his mind into a simple Heavy Utility/Loader Kind droid he’d been experimenting on, capable of withstanding the destruction of the facility around it.

This HLK droid then wandered the galaxy, housing the secret intellect of a great scientist and the advanced combat protocols he’d designed inside. It remains unclear which “voice” is truly in control, and though now a valuable ally to the Alliance Special Forces group, AVENGERS, it is as can be as unpredictable as it is destructive."

This is a actually recycled custom I made a while back of a generic industrial droid. I went for a green repaint and added some wrist and knee articulation.

Parts Recipe:
Crimson Dynamo (Iron Man Armored Adventures) - Base Figure
Hulk Buster Iron Man (90's Toy Biz) - Shoulder Armor
Deep Dive Iron Man - Knees

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