Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Binding Bride/Hidden Master - Shadow Weaver Leader

I came up with this design based on some great figures by HypnoHustler and 2DARK2C over at Originally I planned on making her red to match my Shadow Weaver figures, but decided to try white and was very pleased with the result. I also crowd sourced for name ideas, and had two people suggest the JorĊgumo from Japanese mythology, also known as the Binding Bride.

Lore-wise, like the rest of the Shadow Weavers she depends heavily on deception. She is the Hidden Master of the Arashikage clan, though very few people know that a woman holds the title. She is happy to play into the superstitions and expectations of her enemies to maintain an upper hand, though is a formidable fighter when misdirection is no longer and option.

Parts Recipe:
Evolutions Queen Amidala - Base Figure
Bultar Swan - Head

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Soaron - Biodread Empire Sky Sentries

Based on some old Captain Power figures, these two were created for the "Rise of the Robots" No-Joe-Challenge at Originally, the mini-drone was going to be an updated head design, but the longer I looked at the original head sculpt the more I was convinced it could still work. I decided to keep the alt-head as an accessory, a drone based on the Seeker enemies from X-Com: Enemy Within.

Also, there's no way these would have turned out so smooth looking if I hadn't been convinced to try spray paint again, seeing the results OreoBuilder showed in his Custom Celebration WIP threads.

Parts Recipe:
Soaron - Head, Wings
Assassin Droid - Base Figure
TX-20/TA-175 - Hands, Feet
SP-4 & JN-66 (Research Droids) - Wing Arms, Drone
Ivan "Whiplash" Vanko - Head Tail
Weapon Assault Drone - Drone Tails
The Corps! - Blaster

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Prime Evil - Ghost in the Machine

Hey, do you remember Ghostbusters? No, not that one. The ORIGINAL Ghostbusters? So yeah, this is a pretty obscure big bad from an 80's cartoon and toyline. Admittedly, I don't remember much about Filmation's Ghostbusters other than being REALLY confused about how it fit in with the movie I was familiar with by the same name (which is to say, not at all). Still, it had some really interesting villain designs, like this guy. Is he ghost? A robot? A robot-ghost? A ghost-robot? I don't know, but I'm pretty happy with how my update of him came out!

Parts Recipe:
Bludgeon Cast - Head
OOTP Dementor Figure - Body, Mid-Robes
Tusken Raider - Lower Robes
WoW Undead Warlock - Collar, Tattered Robes
Anakin Skywalker - Arms
Savage Opress - Hands

Monday, March 7, 2016

General Spidrax - Dark Domain Warlord

I updated the design here a bit, foregoing the helmet and trying to make his body more organic, and his armor more ornate. He's got a bit of a MOTU Webstor influence to his look, with the additional (fully posable!) legs. An 80's villain I've wanted to tackle for some time, started and completed during CCX. He doesn't have a torso joint, but does have a swivel waist now (with fixed hips) bringing him mostly in-line with GI Joe articulation.

Parts Recipe:
Dark Elf - Base Figure
Sora Bulq - Head
WoW Megablocks - Chest Armor
Sun Fac - Waist Armor
Nightcrawler - Waist
Kitty Pryde - Hips
Army of Darkness - Shield
OOTP Dementor - Spider Legs
LEGO - Spider leg talons, waist swivel peg
Croc Master - Whip
Storm Shadow - Whip handle

Rocksteady - Mutated Rhinoceros

This one has been sitting unfinished on my work bench for a while, but I decided the PHX Retro Toy Chest contest was a good time to finish him up. He's loosely based on the 'toon design, and involved a bit of sculpting (adding a beer gut to the Rhino figure, his neck, and turning the five-fingered hands into three-fingered hands). I designed quite a few Dreadnok inspired tattoos for him as well, but I'm unhappy with the results I'm getting from the waterslide paper I have on hand, so those will have to wait for a future update.

Grey Hulk - Pants
Power Charge Rhino - Shoulder Armor
Rhino - Torso, Arms, Feet
Papo Mutan Rhino - Head
World War Hulk - Hands, Leather Bracer
Skaar - Metal Bracer
LEGO - Hand articulation pins, torso swivel pin
GI Joe - Ammo Belt
War Machine - Gatling Gun