Monday, August 14, 2017

COBRA Corporation Officer - LIBERTY 2215

COBRA Corporation Officers, like the Troopers they oversee, are part law enforcement and part military unit. Any element that threatens the profits of the COBRA Corporation are considered criminal and enemies of the state, and are dealt with swiftly by COBRA's forces.

Officers enjoy an advanced and ornate suit of high tech body armor that allow them greater mobility (and comfort) than standard Troopers, meant to inspire respect (or at least obedience) in all citizen-shareholders.

I was totally sold by the Black Vulture con exclusive that used this chest with a COBRA emblem painted on it. I took a lot of my inspiration from the Advent character designs from X-Com 2, and tried to use that look as a base for my future version of the COBRA's rank and file. I had wanted to try to make a red half-cape work (like the Advent Captains in X-Com), but it felt too much like the Iron Grenadiers Destro, so I opted to not include it.

LIBERTY 2215 was a that revisited the world of LIBERTY 2198.

Parts Recipe:
Wallace "Ripcord" Weems - Torso, Waist
Iron Grenadier - Shoulder, Legs
Destro - Arms
Flak-Viper - Head
Cable - Sidearm

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