Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hatchling with Baroness - COBRA Go-Kart and Driver

BARONESS'S personal COBRA-Cart is the HATCHLING, a miniature version of the HISS built for both speed and strength. The large treads and low center of gravity help it plow over (or straight through) just about any obstacle she might encounter on the track (or off it, if any short-cuts are spotted). It's basically just a tank engine with an attached seat, but what it lacks in style it makes up for in raw power. THE BARONESS did allow herself a little fun in designing it though, and managed to sweet-talk DESTRO into donating an old battle mask for the hood ornament.

I suck at vehicles. There's a point about half-way through where everything just starts going wrong. This was supposed to be a mini-HISS like go-cart, but it really just looks like a tractor or bulldozer without the blade. There's a lot of modifications that went well, but in the end I still need a lot more practice with spray paints to get the smooth finish I'm wanting. There was a GI Joe counterpart to this that I abandoned on the last day of the project just from how discouraged I was with how the vehicles were coming out. Originally, the driver was going to be a Baroness style after Fast Pussycat, Kill! Kill! but I liked how she was coming out so much I decided she needed to be an original character to save for later. For as disappointed as I am in the vehicles, I'm really happy with the Baroness. The proportions on the "new sculpt" era Joes are all over the place, but that torso and waist is pretty solid. It was an experiment if I could make those parts work for a modern style figure, and I think it came out great.

Parts Recipe:
Weapon Transport - Base Body
Wetsuit Flashlight - Headlights
Polar Battle Bear - Seat Back Frame
Model Car Kit - Inner Seat, Blower, Tread Guards
CAT Bull Dozer - HISS-Style Treads
LEGO - Exhaust Pipes
DESTRO - Hood Ornament
Armadillo - Rollbars

SpyTroops Era Baroness - Torso, Waist
Baroness - Legs
Lady Sif - Head
Resolute Baroness - Glasses
Black Widow - Gloves
Agent 13 - Arms

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